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Grilled Cheese Tamale w/Tomato Soup

April 17, 2017 1 Comment

Grilled Cheese Tamale w/Tomato Soup

I still love a grilled cheese sandwich, a cup of tomato soup and a cloudy day. When I started Tucson Tamale, it only made sense to grill the cheese tamale, just like a grilled cheese sandwich.  Then it hit; make a grilled cheese tamale with tomato soup!  So, here you go, Grilled cheese Tamale with Tomato soup.  Enjoy. 


Want more information? Check out the recipe for Grilled Cheese Tamale w/ Tomato Soup.

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Skip Crouse
Skip Crouse

August 19, 2018

Ok, so you need to do more of these! I keep groping for “What do I do with the tamale?” I need more of these ideas. It’s easy to come to the Broadway store and order a meal. But when you’ve got a freezer full of tamales in New England and just no clue, these ideas help. Frankly I’d like just a couple ideas of what kind of sauce to put on the tamales.

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