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BIG Box Of Red, White & Blue Tamales

32 of our best Red, White and Blue Tamales. The Red tamales are our Red Chile Chicken Tamales (16 tamales, 8 packs of 2 each), Antibiotic & Hormone free Chicken simmered in our Santa Cruz Red Chile sauce, The wrapped with our Organic Red Chile Masa. The White tamales is our Green Chile and Cheese Tamales (8 tamales, 4 packs of 2 each), Hatch New Mexico Green Chiles, tossed with rBST free Cheddar and Jack cheeses and wrapped in our Sweet Corn Masa. The Blue Tamale is our best selling Blue Corn & Veggie Tamale (8 tamales, 4 packs of 2 each), Calabasitas (squash, tomato, chiles and corn) wrapped in our Organic Blue Corn Masa.

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