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A Really Big Box of Happiness

This Tamale Feast has 32 simply delicious tamales, enough to handle a really big family, party or a lot of meals. The box contains our Green Chile Pork and Cheese (2 packs), Green Chile Chicken (4 packs), Red Chile Beef (2 packs)Green Corn (4 packs), Blue Corn Veggie & Cheese (2 packs), and Black Bean & Cheese (2 packs)

  • 2 tamales per pack  
  • Naturally gluten free                
  • Organic non-GMO corn                
  • Antibiotic Free, Hormone Free Pork (never/ever)  (only the Pork tamales contain Pork)
  • rBST free cheese (not all tamales have cheese, see individual tamale description)
  • Santa Cruz Red Chile    
  • Expeller pressed non-GMO oil
  • Allergen: Milk 

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