A Really Big Box of Christmas Tamales

In Tucson the Red Chile Beef Tamale is the traditional Christmas day tamale.   We get our Red Chile from the Santa Cruz Chile Company right down the road from us.  We then take choice beef and slowly simmer it with the Santa Cruz Red Chile. 

We pair this with local specialty, the Green Corn tamale.  Packed with Hatch roasted green chiles and cheese wrapped inside non-GMO sweet corn masa. The traditional "Green Corn". If Tucson had only one tamale, this would be it.

The Box of Christmas Tamales has 8 packs of Red Chile Beef and 8 packs of Green Chile & Cheese "Green Corn" Tamales.  That is 32 simply delicious handmade tamales; have some on Christmas and keep some in your freezer for later.

Red Chile Beef Features:

  • 2 tamales per pack  
  • Naturally gluten free
  • Santa Cruz Red Chile               
  • Organic non-GMO white corn
  • Expeller pressed non-GMO oil 
Green Corn Tamales Feature                         
  • 100% Fire Roasted Hatch Green Chile            
  • rBST - free cheese*  
  • Organic non-GMO white corn
  • Expeller pressed non-GMO oil  
  • Allergen: Milk

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