Box of Happiness

This Tamale Feast has 14 simply delicious tamales, enough to handle your family or a lot of meals. The box contains our Green Chile Pork and Cheese (1 pack), Green Chile Chicken (1 pack), Red Chile Beef (1 pack), Green Corn (2 packs), Blue Corn Veggie & Cheese (1 pack), Black Bean & Cheese (1 pack) and Jalapeno & Cheese Tamales (1 pack)

  • 2 tamales per pack  
  • Naturally gluten free                
  • Organic non-GMO corn                
  • Antibiotic Free, Hormone Free Pork (never/ever)  (only the Pork tamales contain Pork)
  • rSBT free cheese (not all tamales have cheese, see individual tamale description)
  • Santa Cruz Red Chile    
  • Expelled pressed non-GMO oil
  • Allergen: Milk 

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