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Green Chile Chicken Tamales

Size: Pack of 12



Got questions about how and when our amazing tamales are shipped. Please review our most frequently asked shipping questions below.
    How long will the current shipping special last?
    We will run the extended area flat-rate shipping special at least until the end of day on December 18th.  Shipments scheduled to arrive after December 25, 2019 will continue to use a more limited flat-rate shipping area.
    How are your tamales shipped?
    We ship all our tamales frozen in an insulated container to ensure they arrive at their destination below 44 degrees. We use FedEx Express air (or ground where it will arrive in 3 days or less).
    Where are your tamales shipped from?
    We ship directly from our production facility in Tucson, AZ right to your door.
    When do you ship out orders?
    Typically, we ship orders every Monday unless there is a holiday.  Occasionally during the busier times of year we may ship on Tuesday or Wednesday as well.  Because our tamales must be shipped to arrive in 2-3 days we can only ship on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during the week. When you are purchasing frozen goods our website will allow you to select an estimated delivery date.  All other goods will ship separately and may ship any day of the week, generally the week following your order.
    How much does it cost to ship?
    Shipping costs vary greatly between the size of box ordered and the distance one lives from our Tucson, AZ facility. Locations that can be reached via ground shipping in 2-3 days or less cost less for shipping than those on the other side of the country. Larger boxes cost more to ship than smaller boxes. You can see what your shipping will cost during checking prior to completing your order.
    Why is it so expensive to ship?
    Our tamales are massive!  It is very expensive to ship heavy, frozen products across the country. We are always searching for ways to reduce this cost for you.
    Do my tamales need to be put in the freezer once I receive them?
    If you do not plan on eating all of your tamales within 7 days of receipt, place them in the freezer as soon as you open the box.
    Why am I paying for Express shipping if it won’t arrive until Wednesday of the following week?
    We would love to send your order out immediately, however, tamales must arrive on weekdays within 2-3 days of shipment (depending on Season). So, we can only ship on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, for a Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday delivery.
    Do you ship internationally?
    At this time we are not able to ship internationally due to import-export restrictions. We only ship in the United States.