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We are working harder than ever to get you the best tamales in the fastest, most affordable way possible. From now until the end of December 18th take advantage of our best rates yet. Shipping is now charged as a flat-rate for each box you order. Our tamales fit in boxes that hold 8 or 16 packs of tamales. This results in you saving money for every tamale you choose. Want to order 8 packs of tamales and ship them to Florida? Now it is just $19.95 for shipping! Want to make it 16 packs? Still $19.95 for shipping! To make sure these hot shipping rates remain in effect we need your help. Share with your friends and family to encourage them to take advantage of this great opportunity. Check out our new rates.* 

*The rate map is meant to provide an estimate for delivery charge, your actual rate will be determined by your full delivery address entered during checkout.


For more information about shipping policies and ordering, please visit our FAQ

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